August 2018 / Worldwide

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

A villain's maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks five teenage superheroes who dream of Hollywood stardom.

In Details


GO! to Hollywood and join the Teen Titans as a VIP guest of Warner Bros. Animation.  Spend the day walking the same halls as one of your five favourite teenage crime fighting superheroes.
Go! Behind the scenes at the Warner Bros. Animation Headquarters, enjoy the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, and finally GO! home as an honorary member of the TEEN TITANS, equipped with the coolest Teen Titan souvenir ever!  It doesn’t come any more spectacular than this!
Next stop – Warner Bros. Animation!  Take a sneak peek behind the scenes and meet some of the talented artists who brought your favourite Titans to life.  One of the creative team will draw you alongside your favourite Teen Titans characters and present you with this very special and unique animation of you, as a  Teen Titan!
The adventure continues on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. Hop on board your crime fighting caravan and take a glimpse behind the scenes of a real working studio.  During this unique and revealing tour, you’ll visit soundstages, prop rooms, costume departments and the backlot! 

One exciting attraction of the tour is “DC Universe: The Exhibit”, an incredible exhibition, which features the greatest Super Heroes™ and most powerful Super Villains in the world.  This interactive experience also includes original comic books highlighting all seven members of the Justice League.  You’ll see extremely rare No. 1 comic book issues of Superman™, Batman™ and Wonder Woman™, as well as their authentic costumes.