November 2018 / Worldwide

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice.


In Details


A magical adventure awaits in Seiffen, Germany, the land of the nutcracker!

This picturesque town is the setting and the magic begins as soon as you arrive at the hotel.  You will be presented with your very own original nutcracker!  The hotel also provides a welcoming toy themed, four course meal by candlelight.

The ‘Nutcracker Museum’ in Neuhausen opens its doors at night just for you, on an exclusive and private tour.  The museum is home to over five thousand nutcrackers from twenty eight different countries. 

Behind the scenes at the museum you’ll meet the largest German nutcracker, which stands at an incredible nineteen feet and three inches (over 5.8 metres). It’s so powerful, it can crack open a coconut! 

And then the biggest nutcracker in the world.  It’s not operational, but still impressive at an unbelievable thirty three feet and one inch tall (over 10 metres).  For company, there’s the smallest nutcracker in the world, which is under one inch high (2.5cm).

The adventure continues at the Erzgebirge Toy Museum.  This amazing exhibition is spread over three floors and features thousands of figures, accessories, carousels, building sets, doll houses and miniature toys.

There’s one final exclusive left, a mesmerising “Nutcracker” experience at the Schauwerkstatt workshop.  These experts in woodwork are a leading manufacturer of traditional nutcrackers, and you can make your very own nutcracker to take home with you!

Choose your colour and the costume for your nutcracker.  Each unique figure will consist of individual parts with professional assistance to make the nutcracker personal to you.