July 2015 / World Wide

Game of Thrones

Several noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.


In Details


Journey to Seville, setting for the fictional city of 'Sunspear' – the capital of Dorne!

A new addition for season five of Game of Thrones, the southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros has been replicated in the rugged Andalusia region of  Spain.

Fantastic scenes from the series were shot in the impressive city of Seville.  Enjoy a private tour that introduces the exact locations and stories behind them.

One magnificent filming location is the Grand Alcázar.  This spectacular Moorish fortress and its gardens are a suitably ostentatious setting for the 'Water Gardens' of Dorne; home to House Martell.  The pools in the gardens were even dyed blue, exclusively for Game of Thrones!