July 2010 / UK


As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy.


The Solution


Salt; take  a pinch of a secret service agent, mix with excitement, intrigue and state of the art surveillance  equipment; leave to marinade in Washington DC for 96 hours in a hotel steeped in intrigue and the result is a fantastic exclusive foray into the world of espionage.

A former service agent, once part of President Reagan’s close protection detail, offers an astonishing insight to the ‘company’ business.
Hands on and hands up with spy tools of the trade, fingerprinting,  surveillance and a feast of exotic weapons during an exclusive show and tell session.

Who is Salt? This question will be repeated on a lie detector test. The polygraph machine measures reactions and anxiety levels. Resistance is futile.

Lock and load on an interactive simulated and real firearms experience.  Similar apparatus is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the world, an invaluable piece of technology that hones reflexes and reactions of agents.

Safe house for the operation is The Willard Hotel. No stranger to the clandestine world, Mr Willard was married to Confederate spy, Antonia Ford.
From 1968 – 1986 it was used by the CIA as a spy training facility!

Go undercover in the ultimate Government vehicle  - the Lincoln Navigator. See the sights of DC from behind privacy glass; the US Capitol Building, The Pentagon and of course, The White House.

Defect from the White House to Russia House for a traditional Russian meal. Dine on classic dishes from the motherland all beautifully prepared and seasoned to perfection – add salt to taste!