February 2011 / UK

The Way Back

Siberian gulag escapees walk 4000 miles overland to freedom in India.


The Solution


Get over the Himalayas.. how? You walk. After a night in Rishikesh, travel by car to Joshimath, then get off the main roads. The guide will lead you through the foothills and over mountain sides to Tali. Keep each other going, you must reach the Kuari pass.

Make camp in Kulara, keep warm and rest…The journey is far from over. As morning breaks, led by the guide, begin your ascent to the summit. Survey the terrain laid out for miles below, and plan your route through the peaks and drifts.

Be sure to cover your tracks in the freshly fallen snow, they’ll never find you like this. Head for Tapovan where the end is in sight. As the mountains rise behind you, take the final path to Rishikesh where a hotel room awaits... you’ve found the way back!