2009 / USA

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are follows the adventures of a young boy named Max (Max Records) as he enters the world of the Wild Things, a race of strange and enormous creatures who gradually turn the young boy into their king.

The Solution

Sleep where the Wild Things are with an exclusive overnight adventure inside the world-famous San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park.

Pack light but ready for an exciting experience at the park’s Kilima Point, overlooking the exotic and authentic Africa Field range. Beasts and beauties from across the African savanna like gazelles, impalas, giraffes, rhinos and wildebeests all live here in perfect harmony.

Explore the park after sunset, meeting animals and keepers alike, followed by hot chocolate served around a communal camp fire.

Be King of the jungle if  just for one night. Dinner is served and then it’s off to bed in a luxury tent that’s so close to the wild things that the roars will drown the snores.

Wake up to breakfast treats, both human and animal, and the entire park is waiting for some pre-opening investigation!

Return to the city of San Diego where the beach, downtown and waterfront are all waiting for eager  paws to wander by.