The Hangover

Live the Vegas experience to the max: from four nights at the world famous Caesar’s Palace, to getting booked and fingerprinted, and even a master class in poker; you’re bound to take home incredible memories.

Over the long week-end, you will get a chance to ride in a real Las Vegas Police Department cruiser, see what it’s like to go “down town” and get your fingerprints taken and watch a demonstration on the power of a taser gun!

Caesar’s Palace then invites you to learn how to beat the house, with poker lessons from the folks who keep a check on the sharpest gamblers in the business!

Don’t forget, Las Vegas is also the Entertainment Capital of the World and offers hundreds of live shows, from Broadway shows to incomparable circuses to legendary singers; the selection boggles the mind! With an extraordinary variety of gourmet restaurants to choose from, and malls that meet your every need, your long week end in Vegas will be one of your best vacations ever!